Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Power Of Imagination, with Karen Turkal

The Bonerunners (The Chronicles of Corvacadia Book 1) by [Turkal, Karen]
Today we welcome Karen Turkal, author of The Chronicles of Corvacadia, a New Age urban fantasy trilogy that grips and doesn't let go.

Thank you, Hannah, for this opportunity to welcome everyone to my imagination. I am happy that you are brave enough to come inside my head for awhile.

      How I begin to write and maybe you can too!

Now that I’ve written books, everyone asks me about my imagination. Just where and how I think up characters and a premise.

I believe it begins with observation. Details. Tiny bits and pieces. Oh sure, to begin to write you have to have an ‘idea’. Hopefully a premise that, if not unique, at least puts your brand of imagination into so you have created it to be your very own.

I often surprise myself as I am writing. I would be driving down the road, or in the middle of washing dishes or doing laundry and many tiny bits and pieces of sentences would be so strong in my head that I had to hurry and write them down. Some were so stuck in my head I can scan through my novels and find them.

Besides imagination, I did a lot of research. They say, ‘write what you know’, and I did, except when I dug into bits and piece, I found more.

Never underestimate your imagination. It can be magical.

How do you take an idea, a premise, and develop it into a novel plot? How do you break it all into details and yet keep it believable?

                 I like to think that I write what I love to read. So I simply just start writing. As I go along, it’s almost as if the characters are leading the way. I do go back and forth in the manuscript to add more detail, or maybe some more dialog. Dialog is not my favorite thing about writing. My head speeds to fast ahead to enjoy the ‘he said, she said,’ but I love reading it, so I include a lot.
What do you do on those times when life is simply too hectic to pause and write down ideas? Have you tried alternative methods of capturing your thoughts, such as dictation?

                 No dictation. When an idea or cool thought comes to mind, I try to word associate to remember the highlight word of the thoughts, if that makes sense. For instance, I was on the way to a BBQ with nothing to write on. I came up with the idea of PUSHY, she’s one of my favorite characters. I wanted a unique way for her to communicate, so I thought...’paper plates’ and the BBQ was a perfect way to remember. 

Karen Turkal resides in a small town in Ohio and is an old fashioned country girl. She loves to hang out with her husband and their dog, Jack the Thunderdog. Even as a young girl, Karen could find magic everywhere - above puffy clouds, under a green leaf, inside a shadow.
Karen just wants to tell her readers a story and thinks maybe, the secret to life is caramel.

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