Monday, 6 February 2017

The Greenlanders: a new Viking-era novel now available!

I am quite excited to let everybody know that my Viking-era novel, The Greenlanders: A Tale of Sea and Steel, is now live and available both in print and for Kindle - Kindle version is currently at a special limited time launch price of 0.99$.

Cover design was done by the super-awesome Katie Cody, a designer I heartily recommend to every indie author to check out.

It has been a long, long journey with this book - probably longer than with anything else I've ever written. Officially I began working on the first draft six years ago, but perhaps even a decade before that I had been fascinated with the story of Leif Erikson, his character, his fate and his discoveries, writing up short stories, poetry (some of which ended up in the new book) and juvenile novellas. 

When I heard of Tom Holt's Meadowland, my heart broke; someone had already written my book! But when I read it and saw how different my interpretation was, I decided to plunge onward anyway. The principle of killing my darlings was never as difficult to apply as here; the completed novel is 125K words long, and it would have been 150K if I hadn't determined on culling one entire part, at the advice of a honest friend and my own introspection. 

I hope this book finds its way to the heart of lovers of the Viking era, Icelandic sagas and everything medieval. 

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