Monday, 30 May 2016

Featured on Wattpad!

I'm thrilled to be able to say that Paths of the Shadow  is now featured on the Wattpad Fantasy list! This really proves that patience pays off. After months of updating with comparatively little public attention, it was truly mind-blowing to log on and see the number of reads. I do hope that the new readers of Paths of the Shadow enjoy the book, and move on to Warriors of the Realm and Guardians of the Gates.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

It's been a long time

It's been a long time with a very, very bad internet connection, which is good in its way, because it makes me actually sit down and write, without feeling I must just pop over to read the latest notifications on Wattpad. I've made excellent progress with several ongoing projects:

* The Hourglass, sequel to Wild Children, is under way with some interesting twists on the classic runaway princess theme;

* Tales of Silverbell Wood, a children/young teen fantasy featuring fairies and dragons, is also progressing and thoroughly enjoyed by my own children;

* A fantasy book actually written when I was only 12 is getting resurrected, revamped, and shaped into readable form.

Also, today I was finally able to log into my Gmail, and was astounded to receive an email from Inkitt saying that Paths of the Shadow was noticed and was featured on the social media on May 8-th! I had no idea. You can just imagine how thrilled I was.


A short excerpt from Tales of Silverbell Wood:

Loriel took a slice of bread and spread some honey over it. “There’s some early honey this season,” she observed.

“Oh, yes,” her father nodded, “it comes from lovely early flowers such as these,” he gestured towards the bouquet she had picked, which now stood in a slim crystal vase upon the table. “Try the gooseberries, they are good. Did you meet anyone while you were walking?”

“No, I expect it was too early – well, there was Gadrak, but dragons don’t count,” she added half-laughingly. To her surprise, she saw a crease appear between her father’s eyebrows. “What?” she looked at him intently.

“Well,” Garwell said slowly, as if contemplating every word. “Let’s just put it this way – Gadrak has become quite wild lately. Now that winter has ended, hardly a day passes without him crossing the borders of Silverbell and swooping down upon the lands of the humans. I know he does that more for entertainment than for food.”

“Well, of course,” said Loriel, “but why does it matter? I mean, the humans are there and we are here – and whenever Gadrak returns to Silverbell, he flies straight back to his cave. He doesn’t bother anyone in the wood.”

“That is true,” said her father, “but the humans aren’t stupid, you know. They see where Gadrak comes from. It is only a matter of time before they decide to raid Silverbell and rid themselves of the plague of the dragon once and for all.”