Monday, 13 March 2017

The Greenlanders: historical fiction blog interview

Dr. Joshua Grasso invited me over to the Academia blog to talk of my recently published novel, The Greenlanders, and on writing historical fiction in general. You can read the interview here:

"The heroes of The Greenlanders are the legendary explorers Erik the Red, Leif Erikson, and other characters from Saga of Erik the Red and Saga of the Greenlanders.  However, as the sagas are not historical documents, I had a lot of leeway with my interpretation of them.

So would you say that people are fundamentally the same now as they were a thousand years ago? Or has something vital changed (besides the technology)? What makes the average Joe or Jane from the 11th century different than the 21st?
I believe, and this also ties in with the previous question, that human beings are all pretty much the same anytime and anywhere. We are infinitely better educated and have a lot more options than a thousand years ago, but ultimately the things that make us tick are just the same."

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