Saturday, 4 June 2016

Some Shadowy Facts

Starting from last week, things have kind of snowballed for Paths of the Shadow. Being Featured gave me more reads and comments in a very short span of time than I ever thought possible. So thanks to all the new readers who have given me a high-five by following the book!

I thought I'd share some fun, little-known facts about PotS this week.

1. Jadine, Thadorn, Dr. Nicholas Swift and other beloved characters of Paths of the Shadow were initially meant to be no more than backdrop to the second part of the trilogy, Warriors of the Realm, which was originally written as a stand-alone novel. It was not until later that I decided to write a full-blown prequel. Guardians of the Gates (soon to be released), the third part of the trilogy, naturally followed.

2. Though the setting of the story is medieval, the political conflicts are inspired by contemporary, rather than historical events.

3. Spoiler alert! A question often asked by those who finish reading PotS is, predictably, is Jadine really dead? Though I will refrain from giving a clear-cut answer right now, I can say that there is more to her death/suicide/disappearance at the end of the first book than meets the eye. Those who continue to follow the series will learn more about Jadine in time.

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