Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Let's talk about Thadorn

When I was working on Quest of the Messenger, I did not expect Thadorn to become such a controversial figure. I mean, he's a good guy, right? However, Thadorn has been accused of being a humongous blockhead who won't take the time to understand other people's feelings and motivations.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

I do have to say I don't envy Thadorn. He falls in love with someone who proves to be untrustworthy and sends him on an emotional roller-coaster. He ends up heartbroken and the single parent of three young children, a position he is remarkably ill-suited for. His wife left him, his friends left him, and all that he has to support him by the end of the first book of the trilogy is his sense of duty.

It is this sense of duty, however, that prevents him from sinking into an abyss of despair. He rallies up and just does what has to be done, as always. Because with Thadorn, it's always about duty; when he stops a host of terrified refugees from crossing the border, he is sorry for them because he realizes they will probably die. But it never occurs to him to act against a royal decree.

I would like to have a friend or a business partner like Thadorn. He is loyal, dependable, honest, and solid as a rock. Being married to someone like that, however, is an entirely different matter. His union with Jadine was, I fear, doomed from the start.

However, those who love Thadorn need not despair. A brighter hour does come for him in the next book of the trilogy, Warriors of the Realm. 

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