Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The secret attraction of fantasy

I've often thought about this - what is it, exactly, that makes fantasy such a popular genre? I realize there's more than one answer, but for me, it's the fact that fantasy has no limits. Everything is possible. You can get lost in any world, with any set of rules. And this is an adventure I personally will never tire of.

I remember a game I played with two good friends of mine when we were children. Each one of us had her own world, for which she had drawn unique maps and made the rudiments of a language. We created characters that traveled between the worlds - a family from my friend's world could "emigrate" into mine, so to speak. It was a delightful game that took us away from all the tedium of school, chores and our everyday life.

Today, two decades later, I'm still playing the game. I'm still the little dark-haired girl with the braids in her hair and eyes shining with curiosity. I'm still creating unique worlds and tapestries of events, characters and plots. I'm still doing hand-drawn illustrations for my books, sometimes together with my children.

I don't write fantasy alone. Some of my works are deeply grounded in realism, with no mystical elements whatsoever. My most recent project (currently I have about 200 pages of a first draft) is actually a YA dystopia, and I'm pretty excited about it. But fantasy will always be close to my heart, both as something to read and something to write.

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