Thursday, 25 June 2015

The greatest challenge

My current biggest challenge as a writer is not finding time for writing - this I somehow manage to squeeze in - but finding time for reading. I wish I could spend hours absorbed in my favorite Jane Austen novels; I wish I could spend hours reading other people's work on Wattpad and Inkitt - so many great stories out there, and all of it free (my favorite part). However, with such a full, busy life taking care of my home and my little children - yes, I know I mention it a lot - it just doesn't happen very often. I always feel pangs of guilt when someone reads and rates my work and I skim theirs and wish I had time to really read it.

On the other hand, having small children gives me the perfect excuse for guiltless immersion in all my favorite classics, such as Winnie the Pooh and Pippi Longstocking

My mother never read out to me as a child. She confessed she did this on purpose, so I "would learn to read on my own sooner". Whenever I think about this, I feel sad. I do just the opposite with my children. I don't care when they learn to read on their own, as long as it's all within the range of normal. They will read... actually my oldest is just starting to. Besides, I believe that the more good stories children hear, the higher their motivation to learn to read will eventually be. 

I still love being read to. My husband and I read out to each other often - interesting excerpts from books, articles, anything. Even the baby is soothed by the rhythmic lull of a voice when poetry is read out. Do read to your children if you have them. It will bring you closer together - especially if you, like me, aren't much for rowdy games and running around - and it's time well spent you'll never regret.

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