Thursday, 30 April 2015

More about Tilir: culture and customs

Each Tilirian clan has its own symbol to represent it - it may be, for instance, an animal, a plant or a tool. Some clans believe that the symbol channels benevolent spirits onto the clan members. The Tilirians worship the Great Spirit, who in their opinion holds the spirits of every man and animal who ever walked upon the earth.

There are four major holidays in Tilir, all connected to the change of seasons - both Equinoxes, Midsummer and the shortest day of the year in winter. All of those are celebrated by feasts, dancing and singing. Full moon nights are considered to be extremely lucky for couples in love, and many weddings take place at the time, or at the time of the growing moon (which represents a child growing in his mother's womb).

Each Tilirian obeys his Head of Clan, and men and women have generally equal rights (though different roles).

The Tilirians are excellent sailors and have explored many far-away countries, such as Adrinor and Selfinor. They have extensive ties in the international community, and maintain close contact with Dixia and Letaria.

Tilir's capital is Aldon-Sur, a major port city in the East of the country.

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